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Amazing Grace Baptist Bible Institute

27440 Hwy. 431
Wedowee, AL 36278


“To Educate, Exhort and Energize Preachers and Pillars”
Luke 24:32 And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he
opened to us the scriptures?

Pastor: Bro. David Phillips
Director: Bro. Bud Stiltner

Bachelors in Ministerial Theology

Degree completion – 3 years

Degrees are open to all men (not preachers only)

Audit classes are available for enrolled student’s spouses.

Class schedule:

4 months per trimester (12 classes)

2 trimesters plus one summer module week per year.

Rules, Regulations and Information:

1. Classes will be on a TBA schedule each trimester.
2. Tuition - $300 plus book fees per student per trimester.  

*Make Checks payable to “AGBC”, memo checks: "AGBBI tuition"

Tuition and book fees may be mailed to AGBC, Attention AGBBI, (address listed above)
( Tuition can be paid in 3 installments of $100 per month. Must be paid by 1st class each month)

3. Audit Tuition - $100 plus book fees per student per trimester.  *Audit registration offers ladies the opportunity to attend the classes and gain the knowledge, but she will not be  required to take the tests or receive the degree.  No Correspondence offered in this area. (Tuition can be paid in two installments of $50 per month. Must be paid by 1st class each month)

4. Summer Module will be a 4-5 day scheduled week during the summer. This week will be an entire trimester credit compiled into one week. Degree tuition is $175. Audit tuition is $60.  These datesare on a TBA schedule.
5. Enrollment forms must be submitted by the registration deadline for each trimester. Book fees and tuition payments must be submitted no later than the first class of each trimester.

6. Attendance Requirements –  More than 3 unexcused absences causes failure of the trimester.  (Excused absences will be determined by the School Director)

7. Class Dress Requirements -  Men- shirt and tie - Ladies- skirt or dress.

8. AGBBI correspondence classes are now available. Tuition and regulations for correspondence enrollment is the same as normal enrollment. Students who wish to enroll through correspondence must live outside the perimeter of 75 miles of Amazing Grace Baptist Bible Institute, must have streaming quality Internet access and must stay on the same time frame as the in-house students.

9. AGBBI is a KJV only school. Only KJV 1611 Bibles will be allowed in the classroom and homework.

10. No visitors can attend any classes unless they are enrolled in AGBBI.  The Director may make one-time exceptions for anyone who is interested in future enrollment)

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